• Up to 15 set points for each of 10 separate temperature profiles gives you a nearly limitless number of temperature profiles with automatic calculation and control of ramps between set points.

  • Automated control eliminates time-consuming and awkward manual temperature adjustments while achieving smooth ramping.

  • Simple programming makes it easy to specify up to 99 hours per step, giving a total time of approximately 8 weeks. You can link several schedules to extend the control period.

  • Retains all temperature profiles — even without power.

  • Automated control lets you set your own schedule — no need to be on-site for set point changes. Fire your kiln during lower-cost, offpeak energy periods.

  • Temperature and ramping accuracy let you expand your product range, increase your productivity and enhance your creativity.

  • The auto-hold feature ensures that your preset temperature is reached.

  • Delayed start allows automatic preheating so that your oven is ready when you are.

  • Skip-step capability and keypad-initiated soak provide extra control for special techniques such as kiln forming and fusing.

  • Intelligent recovery protects your work from power failures. After an outage, the controller automatically decides how best to proceed.

  • Built-in warnings signal thermocouple burn-out and other malfunctions. You can connect an external alarm, such as a light, bell or phone dialer, for extra protection.

  • The large LED display clearly indicates program step, remaining step time, temperature, mode and operation. 

  • Furnace versions are available for both gas and electric furnaces.

  • Automatic cold junction compensation; temperature readings in degrees Fahrenheit (Celsius optional).

  • System options and accessories include key lock security to prevent accidental or unauthorized program changes, proportional output, remote thermocouple amplifiers (sending units), remote display repeaters, data logging and graphing with a PC.

GB1 Specifications

The GB1 Programmable Temperature Controller, standard unit, is designed for use with a Type K thermocouple. Temperature readings are in degrees Fahrenheit. Key lock security, Celsius temperature readings and European options are available.

Power Reqirements
3 watts at 110–120 volts A.C., 60 Hz (220–240 volts, 50 cycle available).

Temperature Input
Type K32–2400°F (0–1300°C) or Type S or R: 50–3200°F (10–1700°C)
Automatic cold junction compensation

1 part in 4100

1 degree

Crystal controlled timer

Output Choices
• ON/OFF Control for mercury or mechanical contractor; 3 amps at 24–140 volts A.C. (24–280 volts optional), fused internally, or
• 4–20 mA current loop, or
• 9 volt DC for solid state relays

10 profiles, each having up to 15 steps of up to 99 hours each, for a total of over 61 days per profile

Dimensions (HxWxD)
7-1/2" x 4-1/3" x 2-3/8"

Operator Interface
• 1/2" 7-segment red LEDs
• 16-position dust and moisture resistant, unitized keypad.